My name is Nora Hill, I'm a senior in high school at the Vermont Commons School. My social studies class has allowed us to spend 20% of our time focused on a current day global issue that interests us, and I have chosen the effect climate change will have on infectious diseases. This blog will be my process of learning about the issue and what I can do to address it.
Climate change is arguably the biggest issue facing my generation, but many people don't realize how far reaching these effects will be. Climate change will change global health, particularly with climate sensitive diseases that are food borne, air borne, insect borne, and water borne. Some of the most climate sensitive disease are: malaria, cholera, Lyme Disease, and West Nile virus. For general information on the impact of climate change on infectious disease check out this information from WHO .

Saturday, February 7, 2015

7/feb/15 reflection

Today I did a big email blast and sent emails (again) to some of the Senators on the HELP Committee (which is where this Bill is living right now).

I emailed Bernie, Sheldon Whitehouse from RI (who gave an impassioned speech two weeks ago on the Senate floor about the climate change deniers), Barbara Boxer from California, and the Ed Markey from MA.  I also emailed Patrick leahy (hey, he is from Vermont and pretty powerful guy).

Here is more information on Sheldon Whitehouse’s speech.

I also emailed some of the Climate Change Health Gurus in Vermont: David Grass, UVM Professor, Dr, Christine Vatovec and Sarah McKearnan, a Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change.

I also emailed some of the folks from 350.org.  They are hosting a Youth Action Day and I am hoping I might be able to attend.

Meanwhile, Climate Change and its impact on human health continues to be a very newsworthy topic. Bill Nye, the Science Guy, listed 2015’s biggest health concern as Climate Change. Here is another article if you’re  interested.

He makes some pretty funny comments about the issue on this video.


Article: http://www.weather.com/health/news/bill-nye-says-climate-change-big

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