My name is Nora Hill, I'm a senior in high school at the Vermont Commons School. My social studies class has allowed us to spend 20% of our time focused on a current day global issue that interests us, and I have chosen the effect climate change will have on infectious diseases. This blog will be my process of learning about the issue and what I can do to address it.
Climate change is arguably the biggest issue facing my generation, but many people don't realize how far reaching these effects will be. Climate change will change global health, particularly with climate sensitive diseases that are food borne, air borne, insect borne, and water borne. Some of the most climate sensitive disease are: malaria, cholera, Lyme Disease, and West Nile virus. For general information on the impact of climate change on infectious disease check out this information from WHO .

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Email to Bernie!

So I'm writing to my state senator, Bernie Sanders, about Bill 2864. Here is what I am writing to him, please leave your comments and thoughts and feel free to use my letter as a template to your own senators. 

Email to Bernie,

Dear Senator Sanders:
My name is Nora Hill and I am a Vermont High School student who is passionate about health and climate change. I have an invested interest in both of these topics and I am writing to you as my Senator (I will turn 18 in January) and in your role as a member of Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. I am very interested in Senate Bill S. 2864 which was sponsored by Senator Markey of Massachusetts. I am wondering if you could let me know if this bill is being considered by the committee? Where does the bill stand and has there been much committee activity in regards to the bill?I am very interested in the impacts of climate change on public health.  Here in Vermont we are seeing an increased number of cases of Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus and as you know we can expect only more infectious disease pressure, as well as a myriad of other public health challenges related to climate change.  

I believe our government needs to come together to establish protocols, research and coordinated resources and efforts to document, prepare and problem solve the impending public health crisis looming as a result of climate change.As part of my senior year classes, I am working on an initiative to increase awareness around the issue of climate change as it relates to climate health

 I am planning to generate awareness around this particular bill, as it seems attainable, necessary and is not as politically controversial as some of the other climate change initiatives that are pending.  This bill makes sense and I would like to find out how I can help move it forward. Bi-partisan efforts to address Climate Change is the only hope for our planet and for my generation.  Bills like S. 2864 make sense and should be passed in a timely, bi-partisan fashion.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will take action but I would love you input on these questions: What will it take to get this bill to the floor for a vote? Has the Committee debated the bill yet and if so have any amendment been made?I know you are extremely busy but any insights, ideas or help you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.  I plan to reach out to other committee members as well.  I realize things will change dramatically in January but I am committed to working for change. In Vermont we have made great strides to increasing awareness about the health risks associated with Climate Change and I believe we should work to bring some of these same initiatives and protocols to the country as a whole.Most Sincerely,Nora Hill91 Old Pump RoadJericho, VT 05465802-488-4611nhill@vermontcommons.org

also send to Senator MarkeyTom Harkin (iowa)Elizabeth Warren (MA)Barbara Boxer (sponsor not on committee)Sheldon Whitehouse

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