My name is Nora Hill, I'm a senior in high school at the Vermont Commons School. My social studies class has allowed us to spend 20% of our time focused on a current day global issue that interests us, and I have chosen the effect climate change will have on infectious diseases. This blog will be my process of learning about the issue and what I can do to address it.
Climate change is arguably the biggest issue facing my generation, but many people don't realize how far reaching these effects will be. Climate change will change global health, particularly with climate sensitive diseases that are food borne, air borne, insect borne, and water borne. Some of the most climate sensitive disease are: malaria, cholera, Lyme Disease, and West Nile virus. For general information on the impact of climate change on infectious disease check out this information from WHO .

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Reflection

I have done some research and I have found out that my State representivity, Bernie Sanders, is on the committee along with 11 democrats and 10 republicans. It was good to finally see who was on the committee, and I plan on composing a letter to all the members in the next two weeks urging the to take Bill 2864 to a vote and urging them to pass it. I will reach out to Bernie Sanders in particular as he is my state representative. I also plan on contacting some local resources. vermont has been a testing ground for a lot of the proposed actions in the Bill and it would be great to talk to some experts and see what changes have been made how they have been working out.

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